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September 20, 2019

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The African-American Historical News Journal is a compilation of newspaper articles and firsthand accounts of our nation's history. Researchers assembled the contents from many sources and we put together the material in a manner we felt allows the easiest and most concise format. Our goal is to put a copy of “The Journal” into the hands of as many folks as possible.

Black History is American History. Blacks played an undeniably important role in shaping the way America is today. From the countless unselfish acts of military bravery, when the nation was young, to today's soldiers. Black Americans have a long history of service to our country. Black inventors began designing products and machinery in the 1700s that make all of our lives easier still today. Black Americans led the protest marches for equal rights -- marches that brought not only African-American issues to light but also equal rights under the law for all Americans.

The impact of Black Americans doesn’t stop with the heroics of soldiers or the genius of inventors. The influence of Black Americans is found in every aspect of American life. Athletes not only achieved greatness, but were so dominant in their respective fields, that the rules had to be changed to make it fair for others. Think about that for a moment.

The influence of Black Americans in music cannot be overstated. A great deal of the music we listen to today has roots in Black American music from centuries ago. Black American women must be included in any discussion of the founding of our country. Some of the most courageous, intelligent, heroic, inventive and forthright Americans were Black American women. Our country would not be as fulfilled if not for the great Black American women who came before us.

While you will learn a great deal about the African-American impact on U.S. history, I hope the information encourages you to look deeper into the stories and lives of some of the most important people of all time.

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