Our goal, from the very start, has been two-fold. One was to get this important information into the hands of every American. We, as a country, need to know the real story of American history. We’ve said…”If you don’t know the whole story, then you don’t know the real story. If you don’t know the real story, then you don’t know the whole story.” By this we mean: the whole story speaks to the impact African-Americans made to the founding of our country.

Knowledge of the whole story is the real story. One cannot know the whole story of the founding of our country if it does not include the stories of the tremendous contributions made by African-Americans. The real story of our country’s founding contains the whole story about the impact African-Americans had on our culture.

Our second goal is to give back to the community. We donate, on average, 50% of our gross revenue to three areas we feel are critical. We support: Job Creation, Education along with Health & Well-Being programs, causes and organizations, almost exclusively in the African-American community.


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When we did the research for this edition, we culled many newspapers, articles, books and published works from the early 1700’s up to 1956. Whenever possible we preserved the actual newspaper articles and included them in our pages.  Other times we transcribed the content of the newspapers, word for word.  This process is critical to the compilation as we must read the words as they were written, without the bias of any editorial influence.  We want you to not only read the articles, but to put yourself into the time periods.  Pick up a copy and read it as though you were living the news at the time.  Take full advantage of the significantly historical elements of the articles. One point we have always made with ‘The Journal’ is that it benefits all who read and learn about the stories.  From the standpoint of the African-American community; it raises the self-esteem of those who learn about the tremendous contributions from their ancestors.  For those out of the African-American community; it raises the esteem bestowed upon African-Americans as many are learning for the first time the overwhelmingly positive impact African-Americans had on the founding of our country.  Our mission is to get this information into everyone’s hands.  We feel it is profoundly important that everyone know the real story of the founding of our country.  We hope the information is inspiring enough that others will take on the necessary elements that provide the means for progress.  We hope the information shows young men and women that they too can make a difference.  We hope the information teaches them that no obstacles are too big to overcome.  We hope the information motivates all to look deeper into the stories of the men and women who made a difference. 
     Black History is American History. Blacks played an undeniably important role in shaping the way America is today, from unselfish acts of military bravery when the nation was young to today's soldiers. Black Americans have a long history of service to our country. Black inventors began designing products and machinery in the 1700s that make all our lives easier still today. Black Americans led the protest marches for equal rights -- marches that brought not only African-American issues to light but also equal rights under the law for all Americans. 

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