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Military Article Excerpts

Whether scouting for the Union, piloting warships, commanding troops or guarding the Redcoats, African-American members of the US Military provided invaluable service to their country. The stories of heroism occur so frequently in our early history that they deserve their own edition. Simply put, there are too many stories of bravery and valor to include in one compilation. When reading the current issue of the African-American Historical News Journal, you are reading only a portion of the many remarkable stories illustrating the exploits of the men and women whose dedication to, and fight for, freedom helped create the country that we love today.


Inventors Article Excerpts

It's been said that "Necessity is the mother of invention." No truer words have been spoken when referring to some of the inventions created by African-Americans. It wasn't only necessity that played an important role in African-American inventions, often it was the ability to see a problem and find a solution. Other times, it was the ability to see an existing process and make it better. African-American inventors are one of the most underrated groups in American History. So many products, designs, equipment, machinery and devices we use today can be directly attributed to African-American inventors from the 1700's and 1800's.


Education Excerpts


Education has always been an important part of African-American life. Even under the harshest conditions, Black Americans found a way to educate themselves or others. That spirit of not letting anything get in the way of knowledge, is a cornerstone in the community. Here are some examples of the impactful moments of African-American education.

Politics Article Excerpts

When one thinks about the shaping of our nation in the 1700 and 1800's it is impossible to intelligently discuss this period without including the contributions African-American politicians made to our country's political foundation. Imagine that time, if you will, the country was still recovering from the War for Independence, the Civil War, the divisive abolishment of slavery and the problems endemic with a young country's growth. During these years, African-Americans played an important role in shaping our country's values and ideology. African-American politicians helped pass legislation that continues to contribute to the well-being of all Americans to this day. Many African-Americans held elected offices ranging from state legislatures to judges to United States Congressman to members of the United States Senate. That legacy of service to one's country continues today with many prominent positions held by African-Americans, State senators and legislators, United States Congressmen and Senators and a Supreme Court Justice.


Religion Excerpts

Religion among early African-Americas was a dominating factor in their lives. As you can imagine Faith played a significant role in just getting through the day. It didn't stop with only providing solace. The word Sanctuary means safe place or haven.  In the Black community of the late 1700's and early 1800's, church was their only respite from the cruelties of the times. The church was, quite literally, a Sanctuary. Post Emancipation, the church became the foundation of the communities. They often provided food and shelter to their constituents. The church opened grocery stores to provide needed access to basic food items. That continues today.